Healthforty is an health blog where you get updates on the latest health news, articles, awareness posts, shared experiences, stories and many more. The blog goals are to give  the best health articles, awareness updates and for their articles to impact the lives of it's readers positively with their true life shared experiences. Healthforty was founded in 2018 by Alao Precious Toluwalope, he founded healthforty with the aim to discerminate information regarding health and mental wellness. Healthforty was able to gain over 25000 followers across, LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook and Instagram in it's first year and also 1000 email subscribers . Healthforty had helped a lot of people answer questions about their sex life, physical well-being, weight-loss issues and many more. They sell health books on their website to help people understand more about their health and also help women become better mothers, their first edition Titled MOTHERHOOD, CHILD, SEX AND HEALTH is currently on Amazon and Kindle. If you want to get a PDF format of the book you can visit the website or contact [email protected]