Greta Thunberg, climate and environment activist, joins World Health Organization’s call for vaccine equity


Climate and environmental activist Greta Dunburg will donate 100,000 euros (US $ 120,000) to the WHO Foundation through her foundation, as part of a global effort to purchase COVID-19 vaccines in support of Kovacs among health care workers, the elderly and those in need. With basic conditions in all countries at risk.

Donations made possible by the Creta Dunburg Foundation's awards for advocating for climate change.

Ms Thunberg, who is now attending the World Health Organization's COVID-19 press conference (details below), said: "The world community needs to do more to address the tragic vaccine imbalance. We have ways to correct the huge imbalances that exist around the world today in the fight against COVID-19. With the climate crisis, we must first help the most insecure. This is why I want to thank everyone involved in the efforts of WHO, the poet and Kovacs, which I think provides the best way to ensure true vaccine integrity and a path forward. Of infection. "

On average, 1 in 4 people in high-income countries are vaccinated against the corona virus, compared to only 1 in every 500 people in low-income countries.

WHO Director General Drs. Tetros Adnan Caprice thanked Creta Dunburg for advocating for a vaccine equity, and for donating this life to the role model of the Cretan Dunburg Foundation - saving gifts to Kovacs.

"Great Dunburg has encouraged millions of people around the world to take action to address the climate crisis, and their strong support for vaccine equality to fight the COVID-19 epidemic has made our world a healthier, safer and Has reaffirmed their commitment to creating a better place. All the people, "Dr. Tetros said. "I ask the global community to follow the example of Creta and, in support of Kovacs, protect the world's most vulnerable people from this epidemic."

WHO Foundation CEO Anil Soni praised the donation of the Greta Dunburg Foundation as an important signal to policy makers that there is widespread support from youth around the world to meet this global challenge.

"The gift of Greta shows how we must work together to ensure that the global community has access to COVID - 19 for everyone, from anywhere, we can do our part," said Gee. . Sony "WHO Foundation is committed to working with all who share this vision."

Through a new fundraising campaign launched in late April, the WHO Foundation is mobilizing resources to support COVAX.