Driving Global Health: Romain Grosjean announces his support for the WHO Foundation


Romain Grosgen, a French-Swiss professional racer who competes in the 2021 NDT Indigo Series, expresses his support for the WHO Foundation, an independent grant organization that supports the work of the World Health Organization (WHO) .

Romain will compete with the WHO Foundation logo, which will be featured prominently in their suits and helmets this year.

"I am proud to support the important work of the WHO Foundation and WHO. Global health is still important, and I am pleased to use my voice to help raise awareness of key health issues of our time," he said.

After recovering from the catastrophic crash of the Formula 1 World Championship race at the Bahrain International Circuit in November, Grosjean has set out to support the government's priorities with a global response to ending the government's 19 epidemics.

CrossGene understands the importance of conservation and regression and works with the WHO Foundation to promote measures that are designed to ensure the health of all.

"Romine is an inspiration to anyone facing a challenge. We are excited to share with the WHO Foundation community their incredible and unique story of helping the sports world learn about global health priorities . " Anil said. Sony is the CEO of the WHO Foundation.

On April 6, 2021, International Day of Peace and Development Sports, CrossJin and Sony participated in a live Instagram organized by WHO to discuss sports, community, global health, vaccine equity and the road ahead of us.

Grosgen will support the WHO Foundation's upcoming vaccination campaign by reinforcing key messages and encouraging its community to take part in the global fight to end the epidemic.

Author's Notes:

Images of the Romain Crosszine race suit with the logo of the WHO Foundation can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/3na1Oqn

Please use the credit: NDT IndyCar / R. Crossgen Series

About the WHO Foundation

The WHO Foundation is a Geneva-based independent organization, which works with the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization to protect health and well-being in every part of the world. It aims to support donors, scientists, professionals, implementation partners and lawyers worldwide to find new and better solutions to the most important global health challenges today and tomorrow. The foundation aims to provide WHO-supported initiatives in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (ensuring healthy lives and improving the well-being of all). It focuses on reducing health risks, averaging infections, better management of diseases, and building stronger health systems. It addresses these areas by creating awareness and supporting its partners, including the WHO, so that every life is invested and the world is ready for any health protection. WHO Foundation. Together we can achieve a lot.