Why old people shouldn't live alone

Most aged people love to live alone with lots of reasons one which is that most young adults have the attitude of controlling them to do things or stop doing things they enjoy, this particular attitude has made most aged ones to live alone in order for them to do things they enjoy, how they wish and at when they like. Other reasons may be because their children are all grown up and living their lives. A percentage of over 40% of people aged 70 plus live alone, 30% women and 10% are men. Their are lot of reasons why old people shouldn't live alone.

One of the reasons is that staying alone can lead to depression which happens when they are socially isolated from others, social isolation can cause a lot of health issues from heart diseases, high blood pressure which can lead to their early death. Another reason being that any time they are in emergency healthwise or in need of help there will be nobody to help, also old people can't maintain basic housekeeping regularly and when they run out of money they might not want to call their relatives for financial help in order not to disturb them, some even go extra miles to start begging for money from strangers or on the streets.

Since most old people don't like to leave the comfort of their homes, relatives can open a small business for them like a shop or something they can fall back on when they are in need of financial help. If they have a big house or their home can accommodate more people hire a maid they can control or a young person to live with them. And lastly always make sure you visit the aged ones in your family regularly.