How Sperm Cleared My stretch marks; (Experience)

By ANONYMOUS.                                               

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 I was a plus size woman, so I decided to engage in slimming activities, I started exercising regularly I engaged in jogging, lifting, going to gym and so other minor things to keep stressing me at last I went for green coffee. I was seeing difference in weeks, I noticed strange marks all over, they were so disgusting and I was looking for a way to cure it. I wanted to budget money on creams to clear them but something happened.

 Being a woman that like having sex regularly,  I just thought let me try rubbing my man's sperm in the condom on my body.. ehh.... It's disgusting right, but it worked like magic I tried it and in less than 5 days they were all gone I mean back to a baby's skin. I was so happy that I told my friend who had the same issue to do but hers never cleared, depending on the skin tho.  Also if you want a fresh skin or face you can also apply on your face, men sperm works like magic.